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1966 Politics in Virginia: The Elections for U.S. Senators
Virginia College & University Enrollments: Past, Present & Future
The Virginia Outdoors Plan: A Year of Progress
The Vision of ?University?
Updating Local Government in Virginia: The Post War Period & Beyond
Virginia & Her Localities: A Necessary Partnership
The Consequences of Urban Growth: The Fairfax County Experience
A Democrat Looks at the 1966 Virginia General Assembly
A Republican Looks at the 1966 Virginia General Assembly
Virginia Municipal Highway Finance: A Growing Problem
The 1966 General Assembly & Virginia?s Traffic Problems
Virginia & the Council-Manager Plan
Zoning & Land Use Planning in Rural Virginia
Management Training for Business Executives
The Virginia Assessors? Institute: Program for Professional Development
Modernizing Government for a New Virginia
A City Sales Tax: Norfolk?s First Year
Tobacco: An Industry in Transition
Recent Developments in Virginia?s Judicial System: Trial Courts of Record
Subject Index of the News Letter, 1958?1965
State Authorities: Virginia?s Governmental Paradox
Changes in Virginia Banking: 1948?1964
The Prospects for Virginia?s Youth
The 1964 Presidential Election in Virginia: A Political Omen?
Regulatory Services of the Virginia Department of Agriculture
The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts
Surface Water in Virginia
Annexation: The Virginia Procedure
Aid To Higher Education in Virginia
"Parts of One Whole": The University and the Public Schools
Credit in the Development of the South
"Implied Consent" Chemical Test Law For Drinking Drivers
The Alderman Library Research Facilities
Virginia's General Fund: Major Developments
The Drinking Driver In Rural Fatal Crashes
The Social Security Program: What It Means To Virginians
The Impact of the Interstate Highway Program on the Virginia Primary and Secondary Highway Systems
The Thomas Jefferson Center For Studies in Political Economy