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The 1970 U.S. Senate Election in Virginia
The Virginia Town
The Virginia Town, I
The Founding of the Institute of Government
The Theatre in Virginia: An Overview
Population Change in Virginia, 1960-1970
On Affiction of Noise
Experiment in Appalachia
Virginia County Finance, 1935?1968
College & University Student Migration: The Case of Virginia
The Virginia City & Town Manager
Local Public Health Services in Virginia
Virginia City Finance, 1935?1967
A Democrat Looks at the 1970 Virginia General Assembly
A Republican Looks at the 1970 Virginia General Assembly
Local Government Manpower in Virginia
The 1970 General Assembly & Traffic Safety
1969 Politics in Virginia: The General Election
Virginia?s Sales Tax: Its Origins & Administration
State Reorganization: The Virginia Experience
1969 Politics in Virginia: The Democratic Party Primary
Virginia's Approach to Criminal Justice Planning
The 1970 Census
Leadership in Council-Manager Government
City-County Consolidation in the United States
Federal Library Aid in Virginia: Effects & Prospects
Planning for Total Needs: The Case of Vocational Rehabilitation in Virginia
Increasing Campaign Costs in Virginia: Problems & Remedies
The Virginia Community College System
The Charter & Virginia Local Government
Gubernatorial Politics in Virginia: The Experience of 1965
The Changing Style of Virginia Politics
The Governor of Virginia as Legislative Leader
The Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals: CAREER PATTERNS & THE SELECTION PROCESS
Social Security in Virginia
Community Action Agencies in Virginia: Local Anti-Poverty Warfare
A Republican Looks at the 1968 Virginia General Assembly
A Democrat Looks at the 1968 General Assembly
Virginia?s Public Schools: Implications of the Declining Birth Rate
The 1968 General Assembly & Virginia Traffic Safety Problems
Local Leadership & the Virginia Metropolitan Area
Views of Government & Private Involvement in Training the Handicapped in Virginia
Government in Virginia?s Emerging Metropolitan Areas: A Profile
Federal Revenue Sharing: A Possible Approach to State Fiscal Problems
A Quarter Century of Parole in Virginia
The Challenge of an Urban Society: The State & Local Response
Higher Education & Virginia?s Urban Growth
Virginia School Desegregation: A Mid ?67 Report
The Architecture of Virginia County Courthouse Squares: A Neglected Heritage
1966 Politics in Virginia: The Elections for U.S. Representatives