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The Virginia Council on Health & Medical Care
Turnover of Membership in the Virginia General Assembly, 1920?1970
New Dividends in Public Service Through Structural Change
The Leadership Role of the Virginia Town Manager
The 1970 U.S. Senate Election in Virginia
The Virginia Town
The Virginia Town, I
The Founding of the Institute of Government
The Theatre in Virginia: An Overview
Population Change in Virginia, 1960-1970
On Affiction of Noise
Experiment in Appalachia
Virginia County Finance, 1935?1968
College & University Student Migration: The Case of Virginia
The Virginia City & Town Manager
Local Public Health Services in Virginia
Virginia City Finance, 1935?1967
A Democrat Looks at the 1970 Virginia General Assembly
A Republican Looks at the 1970 Virginia General Assembly
Local Government Manpower in Virginia
The 1970 General Assembly & Traffic Safety
1969 Politics in Virginia: The General Election
Virginia?s Sales Tax: Its Origins & Administration
State Reorganization: The Virginia Experience
1969 Politics in Virginia: The Democratic Party Primary
Virginia's Approach to Criminal Justice Planning
The 1970 Census
Leadership in Council-Manager Government
City-County Consolidation in the United States
Federal Library Aid in Virginia: Effects & Prospects
Planning for Total Needs: The Case of Vocational Rehabilitation in Virginia
Increasing Campaign Costs in Virginia: Problems & Remedies
The Virginia Community College System
The Charter & Virginia Local Government
Gubernatorial Politics in Virginia: The Experience of 1965
The Changing Style of Virginia Politics
The Governor of Virginia as Legislative Leader
The Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals: CAREER PATTERNS & THE SELECTION PROCESS
Social Security in Virginia
Community Action Agencies in Virginia: Local Anti-Poverty Warfare
A Republican Looks at the 1968 Virginia General Assembly
A Democrat Looks at the 1968 General Assembly
Virginia?s Public Schools: Implications of the Declining Birth Rate
The 1968 Election in Virginia: Voting Patterns & Party Competition
The 1968 General Assembly & Virginia Traffic Safety Problems
Local Leadership & the Virginia Metropolitan Area
Views of Government & Private Involvement in Training the Handicapped in Virginia
Government in Virginia?s Emerging Metropolitan Areas: A Profile
Federal Revenue Sharing: A Possible Approach to State Fiscal Problems
Population Projections to 1980 for Virginia Metropolitan Areas