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Virginia Local Government, 1776?1976
The Swing Vote & Party Stability in Virginia
General Revenue Sharing: A Review of the Virginia Experience
The Virginia Municipal Manager: A Current Statistical Profile
The Use of Interlocal Service Agreements in Virginia
Virginia vs. The South & The Nation
Comprehensive Health Care: The Role of Government in Planning And Regulation
Explaining Voter Registration Rates in Virginia
The Commission on City?County Relationships: A New Look at an Old Dilemma
State Promotion of Industrial Development in Virginia
Population & Virginia?s Future
A Republican Looks at the 1974-1975 Sessions of the Virginia General Assembly
The Virginia General Assembly in 1974 & 1975: The Speaker Reviews the Biennium
The University of Virginia News Letter, 1925?1975
Municipal Zoning: The Past in Brief, the Future in Perspective
Virginia Congressional Elections in 1974: The Year of the Democrats
State Executive Branch Reorganizations
Solid Waste Management: An Overview
Informational Processes in the Virginia House of Delegates
Racial Integration in Housing: The Case of Norfolk?s Colonial Place Neighborhood
Campaign Finance in Virginia: The 1973 House of Delegates Election
Affirmative Action & the Commonwealth: Black Americans in Virginia State Government
The Richmond Crusade for Voters: The Quest for Black Power
Virginia Politics in 1973: The State Elections
Personal Legislative Staff: The Virginia Experience
The Death Penalty in Virginia: Its History & Prospects
The Commonwealth?s Approach to the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
The Regional Council Approach to Interrelated, Area wide Cooperation
The Status of Women in Virginia
National Associations of State, City & County Officials: Representing the Generalist in Washington
Real Estate Property Taxation in Virginia
In Search of Improved Environmental Coordination in Virginia
The Virginia Cabinet: A Preliminary Assessment
The Virginia Army National Guard: A Changing Institution
Toward a State Land Use Policy for Virginia
Local Government & the 1971 Virginia Constitution
The Staunton Story 1908?1973, II
The Staunton Story 1908?1973, I
Virginia?s Planning Districts in Transition
A Republican Looks at the 1972 Virginia General Assembly
The Speaker Looks at the 1972 Virginia General Assembly
Subject Index of the News Letter, 1965?1972
Congressional Redistricting in Virginia: Political Implications of One Man-One Vote
Municipal Annexation in Virginia, 1960?1970
Fertility in Virginia, 1940?1970
The Changing Face of Historic Preservation in Virginia
The Virginia Council on Health & Medical Care
Turnover of Membership in the Virginia General Assembly, 1920?1970
New Dividends in Public Service Through Structural Change
The Leadership Role of the Virginia Town Manager