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Hazardous & Toxic Waste Disposal
Money in Politics: Financing the 1977 Statewide Elections in Virginia
The Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission: The State?s Preservation Agency
Town-Country Relations in Virginia
Land Use & the Public Interest
The Office of Attorney-General in Virginia
Virginia General Assembly Elections, 1979
The Initiative & Referendum in American States
Virginia?s State Corporation Commission II: Decision-Making Today
Virginia?s State Corporation Commission, I: Historical Perspective
The Study of Small Towns in Virginia
Welfare Policy in Virginia & the Nation
The 1978?1979 Virginia General Assembly: End of a Decade
Subject & Author Indexes of the News Letter, 1972?1979
Annexation & State Aid to Localities: A Compromise is Reached
Freedom of Information in Virginia
Financing Public Transportation in Virginia
Agricultural Change in Virginia
The 1978 Virginia Congressional Elections
City & County At-Large Elections & the Problem of Minority Representation
Sentencing in Criminal Cases: Time for Reform
The 1978 Virginia Senatorial Nominating Conventions
Executive Clemency in Virginia
The Virginia Congressional Delegation Since 1965
State Aid to Local Governments in Virginia
Long Term Health Care in Virginia
Taxpayers? Associations: The ?Opposition? in Government Finance
Party Nominations in Virginia
Mayoral Selection in Virginia Cities
Gubernatorial Transitions in Virginia
Local Government Finance in Virginia
The 1977 Election: A New Equilibrium?
Mayoral Leadership in Council-Manager Cities in Virginia
The Governor?s Veto Power
The Virginia General Assembly, II: Influencing Policy
The Virginia General Assembly I: Structure & Procedures
The 1976 Elections: Virginia Secedes From the Solid South
Renovating Substandard Housing: The Charlottesville Housing Improvement Program
The Virginia Generally Assembly in 1976 & 1977
Financing Virginia?s Government: Where the Money Goes
Financing Virginia?s Government: Where the Money Comes From
Sunset Legislation
Decision-Making Behavior of Tidewater Council Makers
The Distribution of Urban Public Services in Virginia Cities
Virginia General Assembly Elections, 1975: Some Change, Much Continuity
The Constitution of Virginia: 1776 & 1976
Suffrage Requirements & Voter Turnout in Virginia: 1776 & 1976
The Virginia Legislatures, 1776 & 1976
The Virginia Judiciary, 1776?1976
The Governorship of Virginia, 1776 & 1976