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Federalism & the Constitution: Whither the American States?
Other Minorities: A Demographic Description of Virginia?s Asian Populations
Virginia?s Ratification of the U.S. Constitution
?To Secure the Blessings of Liberty:?Judicial Review & an Activist Court
The 1984 Virginia Assembly on Policy for Elementary & Secondary Education in Virginia: Issues for the Commonwealth
Democratic Representation & the Constitution: Where Do Political Parties Fit In?
Elementary & Secondary Education to the Year 2000: Issues & Policy Alternatives
Religion and the Political Process: Virginia?s Statute for Establishing Religious Freedom
Annexation Resumes in Virginia
The Virginia Local Government Manager: An Updated Statistical Profile
1983 Virginia General Assembly Elections: Stability, for a Change
The Roots of American Constitutional Principles
An Update on Local Government Consolidation in Virginia
Reform of the Virginia Individual Income Tax
The Industrial Development Bond Controversy
The 1982?83 Virginia General Assembly
The Virginia Assembly on the Role of Adult Corrections Within the Virginia Criminal Just System
Family Composition in Virginia: Female-Headed Families, 1970?1980
The 1981/1982 Reapportionment of the Virginia House of Delegates
Human Services in a Time of Diminished Resources
New Rules for Public Procurement in the Commonwealth
The Enterprise Zone Concept & Virginia?s Urban Enterprise Zone Act
The Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1982
The 1982 Election for U.S. Senator in Virginia
Hazardous Waste Management in Virginia
Virginia State & Local Government Finances in the Eighties
The Rural Renaissance & the Management of Virginia?s Lands
The Metrorail System: Its Impact on Virginia
The Virginia Assembly on Land Use Policies: Issues for the Commonwealth
The Virginia Property Tax Assessment/Sales Ratio Study
Population Change in Virginia, 1970?1980
Virginia?s Local Executive Constitutional Officers: A Contemporary Profile
Occupational Background, Recruitment Patterns,& Party in the Virginia General Assembly, 1970?1981
The Criminal Trial Process in Virginia
The 1981 Gubernatorial Election in Virginia
Sexual Assault Law Reform in Virginia: An Overview
The Virginia Retail Sales Tax
Women in Virginia State & Local Government
Emergency Medical Services & Volunteer Rescue Squads in Virginia
Virginia?s Local Executive Constitutional Officers in Historical Perspective
The Geography of Virginia
The Role of Judges in Virginia Local Government: A Historical Overview
The County Tie Breaker in Virginia
The Frostbelt?Sunbelt Controversy
The 1980 Election: Understanding the Reagan Victory in Virginia
Virginia?s Capitol Press Corps
Virginia?s Climate
Municipal Electric Utility Systems in Virginia
The Movement to Limit Government Spending in American States & Localities, 1970?1979
Managing Federal Grants in the City of Richmond