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Virginia?s 1993 Elections: The 12-Year Itch Returns. Part 2. Elections for House of Delegates
Virginia?s 1993 Elections: The 12-Year Itch Returns. Part 1. General Election for Governor
Reinventing Government, Virginia Style
The Virginia Economy + INDEX, Vol. 69
The Keys to the Virginia Governor?s Mansion, 1993
The Issuance of Concealed Weapon Permits in Virginia
The Budget Committees: Barometers of Change in the Virginia General Assembly
Black & Minority Health Issues in Virginia
Limiting Campaign Contributions: An Analysis of Proposals for Reform in Virginia
1992 Elections in Virginia: A Status Quo State in the Year of Change. Part 2. The U.S. house Elections & State Bond Issues
The 1992 Elections in Virginia: A Status Quo State in the Year of Change. Part 1. The U.S. Presidential Elections.
The Future Development of the Commonwealth: Sustaining, Managing, & Generating Growth: Final Report of the 1992 Virginia Assembly
The Impact of Defense Spending Industry on Virginia?s Economy
American Local Government: Its Historical Role & Contemporary Prospects
The Dillon Rule in Virginia: What?s Broken? What Needs to be Fixed?
The Local Election System in Virginia?s Cities & Towns
Adult Training & Education: The Students
The Privatization Movement in Virginia
Local Taxation in Virginia
Virginia?s Post-World War II Paths to Congress
The 1991 Virginia Legislative Elections: A Republican Tide
Training & Education: The Virginia Educator?s View
The Fiscal Outlook for Virginia State & Local Governments
The Virginia Lottery: Breaking with Tradition
Beyond Scandals & Statutes: Ethics in Public Administration
Regional Governance: Why? Now? How?
Renewed Focus on Persons with Disabilities
Training & Education: The Virginia Employer?s View
Indian Governance in Virginia
The Future of Local Government in Virginia: Final Statement of the 1990 Virginia Assembly
The 1990 Election in Virginia (Noncompetition & the Parties? Shame)
Virginia?s Local Economies
Partnership for Preservation: A Challenge for the Commonwealth?s Future
Protecting Virginia?s Natural Resources: A Greater Role for the Commonwealth
Virginia & the Voting Rights Act
The Pension Tax Dilemma: Davis V. Michigan & Its Impact on State Finances
Home Rule in Virginia: Perception & Reality
Virginia Governor?s Race, 1989/ Part 3: General Election Issues
The Future of Virginia?s Courts: Final Statement of the 1989 Virginia Assembly
Virginia Governor?s Race, 1989/Part 2: The General Election
Envisioning the Future of Higher Education: Report on the University of the 21st Century
Targeting Industry: New Studies to Focus Regional Development in Virginia
Learning to Value Diversity: A New Role for Human Rights Agencies in Virginia
Virginia?s Mental Health Services: A Vision for the 90s
Subject Index, Volume 65 (September 1988?July 1989)
Virginia Governor?s Race, 1989/Part 1: The Nomination Stage
The Virginia Film Initiative
State Funding for Public Schools in Virginia
Putting Numbers to Work: A Better System for Data About Virginia?s Labor Market
Creating Mountains of Opportunity in Southwest Virginia