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Does Campaign Advertising Depress Voter Turnout?
Protecting Virginia Wetlands: Good for the Environment--and Business
Forcing Drivers Off the Road Won?t Solve Virginia?s Traffic Woes
Republicans and Race in Virginia
Virginians Need to Take a Bold Look at Their Governance
New Approach Needed to Virginia?s Transportation Policy
Virginia?s Transportation System and a Decade of Delusion
Republican Party Growth in Southern Legislative Elections
Virginia?s Economy in the 1990s: Some Caution if Warranted
The Public Library in Virginia: Balancing Technology and Tradition
The 1998 U.S. House Elections in Virginia: Wake Us When It?s Over
Measuring Virginia Education: Can SCHEV Make a Difference?
The Old Dominion and the New Economy
Religion and Politics: A Deeply Rooted Tradition
In Mills Godwin?s Legacy, Lessons for Today?s Virginians
Affordable Higher Education: What the Lawmakers Can Do
Virginia?s Great Challenge: Rediscovering the Central City
Virginia?s Changing Workplace in the 21st Century
Domestic Migration in Virginia: Historic Patterns and Demographic Change
A Century in the Making: the 1997 Republican Sweep
Virginia?s Tax Burden
Using Virginia?s Historic Resources as Assets for Communities
June 10, 1997: What if Virginia held an election and nobody came?
Increased Immigration: An Asset for Virginia
The 1996 Presidential and Congressional Contests in Virginia: A Status Quo Election with Spice
Virginia?s Fiscal Dilemma: How to Pay for Prosperity in the Old Dominion
The Virginia Economy: A So-So Performance in 1996
Juvenile Crime Statistics: Some Virginia Basics
George Allen?s 1,000 Days Have Changed Virginia
The Freedom of Information Act: Too Far?or Not Far Enough?
The Republican Senate Primary: Once Again, the Center Holds
Virginia?s Population: Changing Patterns of Growth
The Development of Performance Measures for Virginia Financial Management and Oversight
The 1995 Elections: Running in Place
The Virginia Economy
Creating High Performance Government in Virginia: Norfolk?s Experience
Committee Assignments in the Virginia General Assembly: The Case of Women and Black Members
The Mandates Mosaic in Virginia
Delivering on Democracy
Bridging Breaches: A Vision for the Virginia Institute of Government
To Be or Not to Be: Municipal Reversion & the Future of Virginia?s Cities
The 1994 Election in Virginia: The Senate Race From Hell/ Part 2: How the Republicans Blew a Sure Thing
The 1994 Election in Virginia: The Senate Race from Hell, Part 1: The Nomination Process & the General Election + INDEX, Vol. 70
Recent Developments in the Virginia Economy
Education Finance: Implications for Disparity
Virginia?s Localities: A Decade of Change & Disparity
To Disney & Beyond: Creating an Economic Development Strategy for Virginia
Virginia?s Local Economies, Revisited
Why Have Virginia?s Correction Policies Been So Costly?
Virginia?s Reorganization Experience: Lessons from the Past for the Future