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Gerrymandering's Long History in Virginia: Will This Decade Mark the End?
Gerrymandering's Long History in Virginia: Will This Decade Mark the End?
Property Tax Relief: Why Virginia Should Adopt A State-Funded Income-Targeted Approach
Facing Virginia’s Transportation Challenges
The Importance of Agriculture and Forestry to Virginia’s Economy
The Economic Value of Publicly Supported Education and Research
Can Public Investment in Freight Rail Deliver the Goods?
Problems with the Proposed Homestead Constitutional Amendment
Why We Are Losing the Fight Against Obesity
Public Libraries and Virginia?s New American
Protecting our Common Wealth
Partners on the Front Line
Reconciling Partisanship With Deliberative Representative Democracy
Election Recounts in Virginia
How the Housing Boom Affects Virginia's Real Estate Tax
A Second Chance to Vote In Virginia
Solving Problems by Consensus: Water Planning for Virginia
The Security of Virginia?s Public Schools
The One-Term Governor: A Disadvantage for Virginia
An Undisciplined Way to Fund State Government Programs
Leading the Way In Education, Equality
Funding Virginia Services: A Decade of Contention
Leadership and Lessons Learned: Virginia?s Response to 9/11
Reorganization in the House: Republicans Make Their Mark
Virginia?s Education Reform Works -- II
Virginia?s Unemployment Insurance Program
Roe v. Roe: Evolving Conscience
When the Dream Became Reality
The 2003 General Assembly Session: Attacks on Reproductive Rights
The Failed Transportation Tax: A Simple Message From Voters?
Yes Vote on Transportation Will Best Serve Virginians
The Regional Sales Tax Referendum: A Flawed Approach
To keep pace with the Nation, Virginia must prime the pump
The Unacceptable Costs of the Diseases of Poverty
A Democratic Revival in Virginia
Virginia's Fiscal Condition -- More Than a Short-Term Problem
Virginia's Government Structure
Forecasting the 2001 Election: Follow the Virginia Bellwethers
Local Elected Leadership: A Sword in the Stone
The Dilemma Virginia Faces: Public Needs vs. Public Costs
Virginia's Education Reform Works
Virginia's Policy Paralysis
The Demise of Virginia Democrats
Recent Developments in The Virginia Economy
Fixing Virginia's Tax Structure
Virginia's Slow Progress on Campaign Finance Reform
Science and Technology and our Commonwealth
The Legacy of Governor Dalton
Politics and Moral Leadership
The "New" News Media and Public Trust