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The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: How Virginia is Limiting its Carbon Emissions
John Laurence Knapp | In Memoriam
Fueling the Renaissance: Public Policy and Intercity Passenger Rail in Virginia
Intercity Passenger Transportation: More Virginians Are Riding The Rails
Virginia News Letter: Local Government Editions
Fighting Fake News: The First Line of Defense is YOU!!!
Virginia's 2013 Gubernatorial Race and Presidential Elections: A Comparison of News Coverage
Virginia's Millennials and the 2016 Election
Building Resiliency in Response to Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding: Comprehensive Planning in Hampton Roads
Felons and the Right to Vote in Virginia: a Historical Overview
An Earthquake History: Finding Faults in Virginia
Community Colleges and the 'Completion Agenda'
Reducing Gun Crime in Virginia: Trends and the Need for Clear Thinking in Public Policy
Sea Level Rise: A Relentless Reality That Virginia Must Continue To Plan Carefully For
With Overwhelming Support for Nonpartisan Redistricting, Virginians are Studying Ways to Make That Happen
Virginia's Mental Health System: How It has Evolved and What Remains to Be Improved
Hurricane Preparedness: Community Vulnerability and Medically Fragile Populations
Virginia's Ethics Rules for Public Officials: The Need for Reform
Outdoors Recreation in Virginia Today: Trends and Policies
Railroad Policy in Virginia: How We Got Where We Are and Where We Might Go From Here
Visualizing Virginia's Changing Electorate: Mapping Presidential Elections from 2000 to 2012
The Expansion of the Panama Canal and Its Impact on Virginia
Oral Health in Virginia: Trends, Disparities and Policy Implications
Media Coverage of the 2005 Governor's Race: A Comparison to Presidential Election News Coverage
Beyond the Great Recession: Preparing Virginia for Expected Cuts in Federal Spending
Virginia's Never-ending Moratorium on City-County Annexations
Richmond, We Have a Problem: Modernizing Virginia's Outdated Revenue System
Virginia's Transportation Funding Crisis
Higher Education as the Engine of the American Economy
Virginia--An Emerging Leader in the Nation's Local Food Movement
Virginia's Horse Industry: Characteristics and Economic Contributions
A Decade of Change in Virginia's Population
The Affordable Care Act Holds Great Promise for Virginia
Chesapeake Bay Restoration: Past, Present, and Where We Are Going
Should Virginia Replace the Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax with a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax?
A Review of the State-Local Fiscal Relationship in Virginia
Preserving Virginia's Farm and Forest Land and Natural Landscape
Intercity Passenger Rail in Virginia: What’s on Track for the Future?
The Evolution of Virginia Public School Finance: From the Beginnings to Today’s Difficulties
The Development of Virginia's History and Social Studies Standards of Learning (SOLs), 1995-2010
How the Housing Boom Affects Virginia's Real Estate Tax
The Transportation Funding Crisis: The Road to a Solution
Can Public Investment in Freight Rail Deliver the Goods?
Problems with the Proposed Homestead Constitutional Amendment
The Transportation Funding Crisis: The Road to a Solution
Virginia's State Budget - A Train Wreck About To Happen
Democratic Government Can Be Lost if Not Understood: The Case for Bolstering Civic Education in the Old Dominion
Crime Prevention In Virginia
Virginia’s Diverse and Growing Older Population