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The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: How Virginia is Limiting its Carbon Emissions Dec 13, 2018
John Laurence Knapp | In Memoriam Dec 12, 2018
Fueling the Renaissance: Public Policy and Intercity Passenger Rail in Virginia Jul 12, 2018
Intercity Passenger Transportation: More Virginians Are Riding The Rails May 23, 2018
Virginia News Letter: Local Government Editions Dec 12, 2017
Fighting Fake News: The First Line of Defense is YOU!!! Nov 7, 2017
Virginia's 2013 Gubernatorial Race and Presidential Elections: A Comparison of News Coverage Aug 19, 2016
Virginia's Millennials and the 2016 Election Jul 15, 2016
Building Resiliency in Response to Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding: Comprehensive Planning in Hampton Roads Jan 19, 2016
Felons and the Right to Vote in Virginia: a Historical Overview Nov 1, 2015
An Earthquake History: Finding Faults in Virginia Jul 1, 2015
Community Colleges and the 'Completion Agenda' Jun 30, 2015
Reducing Gun Crime in Virginia: Trends and the Need for Clear Thinking in Public Policy Sep 15, 2014
Sea Level Rise: A Relentless Reality That Virginia Must Continue To Plan Carefully For Aug 14, 2014
With Overwhelming Support for Nonpartisan Redistricting, Virginians are Studying Ways to Make That Happen Jun 1, 2014
Virginia's Mental Health System: How It has Evolved and What Remains to Be Improved May 30, 2014
Hurricane Preparedness: Community Vulnerability and Medically Fragile Populations Feb 10, 2014
Virginia's Ethics Rules for Public Officials: The Need for Reform Jan 12, 2014
Outdoors Recreation in Virginia Today: Trends and Policies Nov 19, 2013
Railroad Policy in Virginia: How We Got Where We Are and Where We Might Go From Here Jun 30, 2013
Visualizing Virginia's Changing Electorate: Mapping Presidential Elections from 2000 to 2012 May 2, 2013
The Expansion of the Panama Canal and Its Impact on Virginia Jan 23, 2013
Oral Health in Virginia: Trends, Disparities and Policy Implications Aug 1, 2012
Media Coverage of the 2005 Governor's Race: A Comparison to Presidential Election News Coverage May 31, 2012
Beyond the Great Recession: Preparing Virginia for Expected Cuts in Federal Spending May 23, 2012
Virginia's Never-ending Moratorium on City-County Annexations Jan 25, 2012
Richmond, We Have a Problem: Modernizing Virginia's Outdated Revenue System Dec 18, 2011
Virginia's Transportation Funding Crisis Nov 10, 2011
Higher Education as the Engine of the American Economy Oct 11, 2011
Virginia--An Emerging Leader in the Nation's Local Food Movement Sep 14, 2011
Virginia's Horse Industry: Characteristics and Economic Contributions Jul 27, 2011
A Decade of Change in Virginia's Population Jun 28, 2011
The Affordable Care Act Holds Great Promise for Virginia May 23, 2011
Chesapeake Bay Restoration: Past, Present, and Where We Are Going Apr 17, 2011
Should Virginia Replace the Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax with a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax? Feb 9, 2011
A Review of the State-Local Fiscal Relationship in Virginia Nov 21, 2010
Preserving Virginia's Farm and Forest Land and Natural Landscape Sep 30, 2010
Intercity Passenger Rail in Virginia: What’s on Track for the Future? Aug 1, 2010
The Evolution of Virginia Public School Finance: From the Beginnings to Today’s Difficulties Jun 1, 2010
The Development of Virginia's History and Social Studies Standards of Learning (SOLs), 1995-2010 Apr 5, 2010
How the Housing Boom Affects Virginia's Real Estate Tax Feb 7, 2010
The Transportation Funding Crisis: The Road to a Solution Jan 21, 2010
Can Public Investment in Freight Rail Deliver the Goods? Jan 6, 2010
Problems with the Proposed Homestead Constitutional Amendment Jan 6, 2010
The Transportation Funding Crisis: The Road to a Solution Jan 1, 2010
Virginia's State Budget - A Train Wreck About To Happen Oct 10, 2009
Democratic Government Can Be Lost if Not Understood: The Case for Bolstering Civic Education in the Old Dominion Aug 24, 2009
Crime Prevention In Virginia May 1, 2009
Virginia’s Diverse and Growing Older Population Apr 1, 2009