Even though most people consider the Chesapeake Bay to be a national treasure, this widespread agreement and much hard effort haven’t been enough to improve the health of the ailing bay over the last quarter century. A whole new approach to managing its ecosystem will be needed to bring about real improvement as the region’s population continues to grow, the author argues.
The gasoline tax, long the backbone of Virginia's highway funding, could become less and less productive with more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. New and fair ways to spread the cost will have to be found, according to auto expert, George Hoffer. The author examines the pros and cons of a widely studied alternative to the current motor fuels user tax--a vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) tax.
Virginia's state and local governments need each other's close cooperation to function effectively, but in today's political and economic climate, the relationship has become badly frayed according to Neal Menkes, a longtime state finance expert. The state relies on local governments to deliver core programs such as education, public safety and social services.

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